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Halal food you can find in Singapore

halal food

If you are a Muslim traveller in a foreign land or even a local, finding restaurants that are halal certified can sometimes be challenging. Luckily, here at Zoul’s Corner, we serve our customers a large variety of delicious dishes that are certified halal so that our Muslim customers can enjoy their food with no doubt in mind.

Although we are mostly renowned for our ayam penyet dish, we also serve other noteworthy dishes that are worth a try. In this article, we feature seven (7) halal dishes that you can find in Singapore, specifically when you dine at Zoul’s Corner!

1. Nasi ayam boneless penyet

You’ve heard of the classic nasi ayam penyet, which is a famous Indonesian dish. At Zoul’s Corner, we go one step further by delivering you nasi ayam boneless penyet (smashed boneless chicken rice)! With our nasi ayam boneless penyet, you can see that the large portion is on the chicken meat itself and not with the bone. More value for money and easier to eat!

2. Nasi sotong penyet

No matter how yummy chicken is, there will be days when you crave for other food – seafood especially! Here at Zoul’s Corner, another one of our specialty is the nasi sotong penyet (fried calamari rice). This dish comes with all the goodness of our signature ayam penyet platter, but with calamari!

3. Nasi udang penyet

With ‘penyet’ (smashed) dishes as our specialty, another one of our signature dishes would be the nasi udang penyet (smashed prawn rice). If you’re feeling like seafood but not really in the mood for calamari, here’s a good alternative!

4. Nasi ikan kerapu penyet

Our penyet selections will not be complete without fish in the picture! At Zoul’s Corner, we proudly bring you our nasi ikan kerapu penyet (smashed fried grouper fish rice) for days when you feel like having fish instead of any other seafood.

5. Nasi ikan bawal penyet

Not all fishes taste alike, that’s why we also serve you nasi ikan bawal penyet (smashed fried pomfret rice). Not sure which fish you would prefer between ikan kerapu (grouper) and ikan bawal (pomfret)? Bring a friend and order both so you can sample each dish!

6. Nasi combo penyet U.S.A

Here at Zoul’s Corner, we bring you partying in the U.S.A in Singapore with our wholesome plate of nasi combo penyet U.S.A (udang, sotong, ayam). Serving a combination of smashed prawn, calamari and chicken, this is the ultimate dish to try if you’re feeling extra hungry and undecided on what to eat!

7. Soto bakso

We wouldn’t be a classic halal Malay restaurant without the quintessential soto bakso (noodle soup with meatballs) dish! On days that you don’t feel like having rice and feel like having something soupy instead, our soto bakso is your best bet!


When in doubt about where to go for certified halal food selections, have no fear as Zoul’s Corner is here! We serve our customers a large selection of penyet dishes, especially our nasi ayam penyet, which is a legit award-winning dish. If you don’t feel like travelling down to our restaurant, you can always order delivery right to your doorstep! Islandwide delivery is available at the flat rate of $25 (for orders below $100). We offer FREE delivery for orders priced $100 and above. Contact us today to know more!

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